Copenhagen0 20mHelsinki0 20mMontreal0 20mNew Dumbarton0 20mSenaatti Lore m ipsum d diam olor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sedTHE ACTIVITY-BASED WORKING PRACTICE GUIDEenclosed offices and the rest were cubicles. It was a typical government office. A set-up that no longer matches peoples activities. People do not need only large meeting rooms and cubicles, but places where they can take Skype calls, have informal chats, collaborate in small groups or do solo work when needed. The Leading Workplace Strategies programme aims to 0 20moffer all of these elements, and Robert is confident that more and more projects will look like this one. By providing a diversity of spaces, we are nudging people into moreThe floors largest meeting room, which can be mobile workstyles. Furthermore, we see that remoteopened up towards the break area via two large working and flexible work hours are not only becomingsliding doors. (photo: James Alfred)Vancouver more common but sought after. The necessary tools, such as smart phones and laptops, are mainstream these days. All this makes flexible working an obvious choice.00 200mA classic office floor plan with a central core. All the open workstations are located around the floors perimeter while support spaces, such as small meeting rooms, enclosed offices and storage are located towards the buildings core. 93