What is the perfect workplace? Sometimes all you want are four walls and a door. At other times, a collaborative space, or a comfy sofa in a coffee lounge. The concept of activity-based working (ABW) aims to deliver all of this and more. Instead of providing employees with just one, fixed workstation, ABW offers a diversity of work settings for different kinds of activities. The concept can deliver both cost savings and improvements in organizational performance and staff well-beingbut only when implemented and executed properly. This guide explains how. In clear language, it describes what ABW is, how it works, how it can be implemented, and what the main success factors are. Packed with recommendations and examples, the publication is a must-read for all those who are interested in activity-based working.This book is a great help to the numerous organizations that want to dig into the world of activity-based workingWim Pullen, director of the Center for People and BuildingsMUST-HAVESThe most comprehensive review of activity-based workingNICE-TO-HAVESever. Excellent read!Dr Kerstin Sailer and Ros Pomeroy, founders of BrainybirdzMENUOne of the best guides (if not the only one) I have seen about activity-based workingLionela Riccobelli, Workplace Strategy and Change Management Consultant at JLLA great and very usable book for everyone whowants to have a better understanding ofactivity-based working Eelco Voogd, CEO of WPAlogo icop zwart / pms 3005Public Real Estate NetworkMUST-HAVESNICE-TO-HAVES