STAGE 2:MUST-HAVES. DEFINE NICE-TO-HAVES. Once the developed vision has been approved, it mustProject activitiesbe translated into functional requirements concerningMake a detailed needs analysis (looking at matters like workspace quantities, types and sizes, indoortasks, team/employee profiles, IT needs);Refine the sharing ratio (see page 63) and climate, furniture and IT equipment. To determine theseworkplace quantities (see page 71);requirements, it will be necessary to delve deeper intoDefine requirements for all necessary space the organization, looking at the type of tasks employeestypes (size, look & feel, furniture, etc.);Formulate requirements for necessary perform, their mobility profiles and the relations changes in IT infrastructure and equipment;between teams.Identify any special needs (e.g. specific Ideally, employees should be actively involved in thisequipment or security);Investigate the need for interim process via interviews and workshops. It will not beaccommodation (in the case of renovation possible to involve everybody, but the process shouldprojects);include a cross section of people from the entireRefine and validate budget and planning. organizational spectrum (management, administration,Change management activitiesHR, etc.). When done right, such involvement will resultActively engage with diversity of teams and in a greater sense of ownership and acceptance of theemployees via workshops (see page 46), concept. It is important, however, to be clear about whichinterviews (see page 43) and/or a survey (see page 42);aspects are non-negotiable (e.g. the sharing of workplaces)Communicate the concept to the entire and which aspects are open for discussion (e.g. the type organization (website, presentations, social of settings that will be provided).media);Approach influencers who are passionate At this stage it will also important to start communicatingabout the concept and willing to take part in about the concept with the organization as whole. Thethis;communications should cover both the general conceptDevelop a FAQ that answers any questions and concerns that employees may have;(i.e. why are we doing this?) and the practical concernsInitiate a discussion with middle management that staff may have (e.g. What do I do with all my paper?about their role in the new concept; Will there be enough workstations?). This can be done viaMake sure that top management is vocal about the importance of the concept (e.g. via townhall sessions, a project website, newsletters, a FAQ,a video message, taking the lead in townhall and/or posts on relevant social media. sessions).DeliverablesFunctional brief for the required spatial changes;Technical brief for the IT infrastructure/equipment;Communication material about the concept (presentation, FAQ, etc.);Detailed budget and planning.54