This publication is an introduction to activity-based working. There is obviously much more to learn about the topic. Below, you will find an overview of the most important books, websites, conferences and journals where you can find more inspiration and information.WEBSITES: World Workplace https:// Usher, N. (2018). The Elemental Workplace insight https:// Workplace. LID Big commercial event on workplaces andExplains the essential qualities that each All things workplace. Excellent overviewfacility management, organized by IFMA.workplace should have. Well written, free of news, opinions and research.Neocon of buzzwordsWorkdesign Magazine - https:// Yearly office furniture event in ChicagoVan Meel, J., Martens, Y., & van Ree, where manufacturers showcase theirH. J. (2010). Planning office spaces. Tips and trends in workplace design new products and their take onthe latestLaurence King.Office snapshots https:// trends.Practical overview of different workspace Orgatec types and their requirements. Large collection of photos of workplaceThe European equivalent of Neocon. projects, sorted by type.Biennial office furniture event for theCHANGE MANAGEMENTResearch Design Connections https:// workplace industry in Cologne, Germany Kotter, J. P. (2012). Leading change. Harvard business press. Probably Summaries of scientific studies on theBOOKS: the most cited book on change topic of design and behaviour. management.WORKPLACE HISTORY/ CONTEXT Harvard Business Review (2011). HBRs JOURNALS/MAGAZINES: Saval, N. (2014). Cubed: A secret history10 Must Reads on Change Management. Work&Place of the workplace. Anchor Books. A wellHarvard Business PressMagazine about workplacewritten, well researched, often funny,An easy introduction to change management. Attractive mix of opinionhistory of the office and office literature.and research.Haigh, G. (2012). The office: aHiatt, J. (2006). ADKAR: a model for Journal of Corporate Real Estatehardworking history. Melbournechange in business, government, and our University Publishing. community. Prosci.journal/jcre A comprehensive history of the officePopular change management book. Academic journal about the user-sidefilled with references to popular culture. Much used in North America.of real estate. Often features workplaceVan Meel, J. (2015). Workplaces today. research.Centre for Facilities Management. FACILITY / REAL ESTATE Journal of Facilities Management -A kaleidoscopic, highly visual survey ofMANAGEMENT the contemporary work environment Jensen, P. A., & van der Voordt, T. Similar to above. (Eds.) (2016). Facilities Management and Facilities https://www.emeraldinsight. WORKPLACE DESIGN Corporate Real Estate Management as com/loi/f Becker, F. D., & Steele, F. (1995).Value Drivers. Routledge.Also similar to above. Workplace by design: Mapping the high- Comprehensive academic work that OnOffice https://www. performance workscape. Jossey-Bass. investigates the added value of FM and A classic, still relevant. One of the first toCRE. Commercial magazine on workplaceexplain the concept of activity-based design targeted at architecture andworking.BRIEFING / PROGRAMMINGdesign community.Clements-Croome, D. (ed.). (2006).Van Meel, J. and K.B. Stordal (2018), Office et Culture Creating the productive workplace.Briefing for Buildings. ICOP Books. Taylor & Francis. Practical guide on how to develop and Excellent magazine on workplace design458 pages of research writing on howformulate requirements for projects. (only available in French). workplace design affects peoples performance. RESEARCH METHODSCONFERENCES / EVENTS Gillen, N. (2019). Future Office: Next- Oseland, N., & Hayden, S. (2007). How The transdisciplinary workplacegeneration workplace design. RIBAwell does your office work? BCO Guide research (TWR) network http://www. Publishing. to Post-Occupancy Evaluation. British A comprehensive review of what theCouncil for Offices. Academic conference aimed at bothfuture of the office may look like. This publication explains how you can scientists and practitioners.Myerson, J., & Bichard, J. A. (2016). Newevaluate your workplace concept in a Workplace Trends https:// demographics new workspace: Officesystematic design for the changing workforce.Augustin, S., & Coleman, C. (2012). Conference on workplace trends.Routledge. The designers guide to doing research: Presentations often research-based.Addresses the impact of changingApplying knowledge to inform design. Worktech demographics on workplace design John Wiley & Sons.Conference on workspace design andA comprehensive handbook about workplace technologies.research methods for practitioners.