Prior to implementing an ABW solution, it is crucial to get an in-depth understanding of what the concept entails and of what the organisations needs are. In general, the following is recommended:Do your researchNo organization should adopt activity-based working on a whim. Decision-making should be based on a careful study of the concepts pros and cons and an analysis of the organizations needs. Data on occupancy levels, satisfaction levels and work patterns will aid informed decision-making.Look at both quantitative and qualitative dataAs indicated above, it will be useful to gather quantitative workplace data, but do not forget the softer qualitative data: peoples ideas, stories, opinions and feelings about their work environment. Understanding these subjective matters is essential to creating a meaningful concept.Find out what the science saysWhen considering implementing ABW, expect to be challenged. There will be no shortage of strong opinions about the concept, both positive and negative. To keep discussions fact-based and constructive, it will be useful to be know what the latest scientific research has to say about the concept. Find strategic meaningAs part of the analysis process, look at the organizations mission, strategy and policies for hooks that support the relevance of the ABW conceptfor example on matters such as sustainability or employees work-life balance. A strategic orientation will help to gain management commitment.Learn from othersMany organizations have already implemented the ABW concept and thus have a lot of practical knowledge about how the concept should be designed and implemented. Visit such organizations, talk to the people working there, and take advantage of their experience.81