STAGE 1:MUST-HAVES. ENVISION NICE-TO-HAVES. When initiating an ABW project, the first step is to exploreProject activitieswhat ABW is and what it could mean for the organization.Appoint a project team and a steering This can be done by reading up on the concept, visitingcommittee;Analyse the existing accommodation situation projects and talking to experts. In parallel with this, it will be(see page 41); useful to conduct an organizational analysis, looking at theAnalyse the organizations headcount figures organizations existing use of space and its work processes(see page 41);Gather inspiration (talk to experts, visit other (see page 41) projects, read up on the concept);At the same time it will be a good idea to put out feelersIdentify and involve internal and external among major stakeholders such as top management andexperts;Develop an overall vision;decision makers in the HR, IT and FM departments. What doMake a business case (e.g. based on they think of the concept? What is on their change agendabenchmark data from other projects);and how does ABW fit into that? Furthermore, it will beDraw up a budget and an overall plan. useful to involve a number of lead users (forward-looking,Change management activitiesinfluential staff members) to find out their ideas concerningSelect a change manager or change ABW. management team, link to the project team;The concrete result of this stage should be an inspiringOrganize a leadership workshop about ABW (see page 45);vision for the new work environment. This vision can beAssess the organizations cultural and formulated in broad terms, but it should be of sufficienttechnical readiness for the concept;detail to be able to serve as input for the next stages. WhatFind allies among major stakeholders (FM, CRE, IT and HR and top management);kind of spaces will be on offer? What kind of sharing ratioInvolve (selected) users in idea development should be applied? What kind vibe should there be?(e.g. via interviews, workshops and focus What are the associated workstyles? And what benefitsgroups, see pages 41-48);Communicate with staff about the formulated should it bring? The vision should be accompanied by avision. Avoid a rumour mill (Well be business case, with a preliminary indication of costs andcrammed into a big open-plan office!).benefits, and a change management plan outlining how toDevelop a change management plan implement the concept.(activities, planning).Before moving on to the next stage, the vision will needDeliverablesapprovaland backingfrom top management.An inspiring vision for the new work environment;A change management plan;A business case with a preliminary indication of costs and benefits;Budget and planning.53