MUST-HAVES STAGE 6: NICE-TO-HAVES. MANAGE. Once the organization has settled in, the ABW concept willProject activitiesideally have become the new normal. Yet there may stillMonitor space utilization levels;be a need to reinforce the concept at given times, makingMonitor service requests from users;Monitor staff satisfaction levels;sure that people do not relapse into old behaviours. ThisManage workplace services (cleaning, reinforcement should preferably take place at a teamcatering, security, etc.);level, with managers reminding their team members ofExpand/adjust/maintain the office the concepts principles and encouraging adoption of theenvironment.right way of working.Change management activitiesAt regular intervals it will useful to conduct follow-upMonitor staff behaviour and use patterns;Guide new staff;evaluations. Are people still happy with their workProvide refresher courses where needed;environment? Is there pressure on particular spaceUpdate protocols/office etiquette where settings? Are functional needs changing? RegularDeliverables Intentionally needed.occupancy measurements and staff satisfaction surveys can provide useful input on these matters. It is alsoRegular reports on occupancy levels andimportant to monitor fluctuations in headcount, which maystaff satisfaction. require some fine-tuning of the sharing ratio or the type ofblank pageworkplaces provided.The responsibility for this usually lies with the facility management department, although it might make sense to set up a dedicated workplace unit tasked with managing the total workplace experience by covering and connecting all departments involved (FM, HR, IT, general management). 58