Danones new global head office in the Netherlands, which houses their Specialized Nutrition business and their global & Procurement function, is called Danone Amsterdam. When entering the atrium of this building, Design Powerhouse one of the first things you see is a large wall covered in(building) and DZAP air-purifying plants, which stretches the full height of the atrium. It is the largest of its kind in Europe and is of particular relevance to Danone, says Nick van der Kloor, who is HR Site manager of Danone Place Amsterdam. We a food company with a strong focus on health and sustainability. Our vision is One Planet, One Health. So, quite obviously, we wanted to create a building that wouldstaff from other positively contribute to both the environment and the well- locations) being of our staff. Total # of260 (desks, excl. workstations This ambition manifests itself in various ways. The company restaurant serves healthy, fresh and sustainably produced food only. A large garden encourages exercise and outdoor activities. Attractively designed staircases promote the use of stairs rather than lifts. The buildings materials were selected on strict health and sustainability criteria. Sensors keep track of the quality of the indoor climate. Solar panels on the buildings roof help to reduce the buildings CO2 footprint. The building was certified as LEED Gold for its sustainability and as WELL Gold for its focus on staff well-being.A tour of the building suggests that it is very well used. On the ground floor, people are using the caf lounge and the restaurant as informal meeting placesthere is chatter in English, French and Dutch. On the first floor, there are people coming and going from the large meetings rooms. On the office floors, things are quieter, but there is no lack of people there either. Almost all desks are occupied. Also many informal work spots are in usepeople are tappingThe round tables are intended as touchdown away on their laptops at large rounded touchdown tablesworkspaces. They can be used as overflow and at the bar-like balustrade of the atrium. spaces during peak occupancy.