And there is always a minority that simply does not want to change, no matter what the change is. A practical obstacle is that the technology isnt always ready, with some parts of government still working with bulky PCs and landline phones. Michael stresses therefore the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. Activity-based working is not just about property. To make the concept work, we need IT, IM, HR and Security on board as well. They need to invest in new tools and work practices. It is a shared business case.Workstations feature two computer screens, allowing employees to view or work with multiple applications or documents simultaneously. (photo: Stphane Dub)0 20mMontreal0 20m0 20The building has a deep floor plan, which makes it difficult to provide daylight and outside views in all work settings. To deal with this, all open workstations are located along the facade, while facilities for temporary use (i.e. meeting rooms, kitchenette, informal areas) are located towards the New Dumbartoncentre of the floor.