Staff workshops OutcomesEngaging staff in the analysis process by means of Staff awareness of what ABW isworkshops is a good way of creating acceptance, A qualitative understanding of staff needs Ideas that can serve as input for the project ownership and enthusiasm for the concept. Workshopsbrief and design developmentcan be used for two purposes. The first is to create an informal setting where it is possible to discuss the generalRecommendations Be clear about the matters on which staffs idea of activity-based working with staff. The secondinput is sought and how their input will be used. purpose is to explore the staffs ideas, wishes and needs Organize dedicated workshops for different concerning their work environment. It will, for example,departments/teams as needs are likely to differ.Keep discussions focused on functional needs be useful to brainstorm about the types of work settingsrather than personal wants.the new office should provide and the ways in which staff Hold workshops early in the process so that should or will use these settings in practice.outcomes can be incorporated into the project brief and/or design proposals.Scenario studies OutcomesWhen thinking about a new work environment, it is An understanding of possible changes thatimportant to explore how ways of working may change inwill affect workspace needsthe near future. This can be done by examining differentRecommendationsfuture scenarios that are based on changes in both society Scenarios should be plausible, but not at large (e.g. the rise of AI and robotics) and the organizationtoo bland. Adding provocative or extreme scenarios can help to sharpen peoples itself (e.g. changes in staff demographics). The differentthinking and their awareness of future change.scenarios can then explore how such changes may affect Look at existing scenario studies before workplace needs. It should be noted that future scenariosdeveloping ones own. There are plenty of scenario studies available on the Internet. are inherently uncertainthey may never come truebut When creating a scenario, differentiate discussing them is still productive as it helps people to thinkbetween fairly certain developments (e.g. beyond the status quo. demographics) and uncertain developments (e.g. social change)46