REQUIREMENT DEFINITIONS1x Large screen (or more,dependent on the size of the space) Entrance/lobby ( 25 mStandard propertiesQuantity The number of spaces that are required in a particular part of the building/projectUsable floor area The floor area needed/available for user activities, calculated as the gross floor area, minus the floor areas taken up by lobbies, enclosed machinery rooms on the roof, stairs and escalators, mechanical and electrical services, lifts, columns, ducts, and risers.Capacity The maximum number of people who can comfortably occupy a space. To be used for calculations concerning indoor climate (i.e. ventilation) Ambiance Keywords for the kind of atmosphere that has to be created in a space.1x Adjustable monitor arm (at reception desk) 1x Computer (at receptiondesk) 1x Computer monitor (at reception desk) 1x Digital concierge(optional) 1x Large screen (ene targetedat guests who are waiting(e.g. showing news) and onetargeted at staff (showingavailable workspaces onfloor plan) Large meeting room ( 25 m) Kitchenette ( 25 m) Entrance/lobby ( 10 m) Restaurant ( 25 m) Activity zone Placement on floor plan according to the kind of activity that is taking place.Activities The user activities or processes that have to be facilitated/accommodated in a spaceVisual comfortIllumination Light level on work surface, as defined in EN 12464-1Unified Glare Rating (UGR) As defined in EN 12464-1Colour rendering As defined in EN 12464-1 Light colour temperature As defined in EN 12464-11x Multifunctional printer 1x Plotter (optional) 1x Shredder (optional) Open workstation ( 50 m)Daylight factor Defined as the ratio of the daylight level inside a space to the daylight level outside. Formula: DF = (Ei / Eo) x 100%Solar shading A form of solar control that protects users against overheating and glare on hot or sunny days. It can also provide privacy.Outside view To be understood as the view a user has from a sitting position. Users should be able to get a sense of the weather conditions outside. Ideally there should be a view of natural elements and/or traffic or other kinds of activity.Acoustic comfort Reverberation time (T30) As defined in ISO 3382-2. To be measured in a furnished but unoccupied room.Background noise (LA eq) Background noise level including ambient noise. To be used to determine sound Open workstation ( 25 m) Entrance/lobby ( 10 m) Booth ( 25 m) Huddle ( 25 m) Medium meeting room ( 25 m) Large meeting room ( 25 m) Open/semi-openworkstation ( 50 m) Project room ( 50 m) Entrance/lobby ( 25 m)insulation of the facade/building envelopeNoise from MEP (LA eq) As defined in ISO 16032Sound insulation (Rw) towards circulation spaces As defined in ISO 162831Sound insulation (Rw) towards functional spaces As defined in ISO 162831Sound insulation (Rw) towards sanitary spaces As defined in ISO 162831Impact noise insulation (LnTA) As defined in ISO 162832Distraction distance (rD) As defined in ISO 3382-3Thermal comfortPredicted Percentage Dissatisfied (PPD) As defined in ISO 7730Operative temperature winter min./max. As defined in ISO 7730Operative temperature summer min./max. As defined in ISO 7730Relative humidity The water vapour density of air compared to the water vapour density for saturated air at the same temperature and pressure.Operable windows To be understood as a window with an operable part of at least 0.5 m2Air qualityCO2 level Indicator of indoor air quality. If outside level ppm is unknown choose 400 ppm.1x Large screen (optional)Ventilation rate average As defined in EN 16798-3Elements to be placedElements Tangible construction parts of elements that need to be placed in a space. Can be furniture, building elements (e.g. partitions), mechanical elements (e.g. water tap) and/or electrical outlets (e.g. power or data outlet). Equipment to be placedEquipment Equipment needed by the users a space. Typically organized by the IT department of the organization and not within the scope of the design/construction project.Equipment to be placed AdjacenciesAdjacenciesDistance The walking distance to spaces that need to be adjacent/in close proximity to a space 155