Before deciding whether to adopt ABW, and in what form, it is important to undertake a systematic analysis of the organizations needs and aspirations. The purpose of such an analysis is to assess the organizations readiness for activity-based working and to gatherdata and insights to inform the detailed development of the concept. An additional purpose of the analysis process is to prepare the organization for change. Analysing existing and new ways of working helps to create an awareness of how and where the work environment can be improved. Involving users in this process is an excellent way of creating engagement. Participative activities such as workshops and interviews can be particularly powerful change management tools.The overall analysis process can be split into three parts: 1Analysing the existing situation2 Exploring new possibilities3 Validating new ideasEach part comes with its own methods, which will be discussed in the following. 73 Please note that it will not always be necessary to use the full set of methods, but any project will benefit from gathering solid data that enables informed decisions to be made.39