Print/copy space Lobby RestaurantEnclosed space containing aEntrance area with seating for visitorsFacility where employees can go for multifunctional machine for copying,and reception desk and/or receptionlunch and in some cases breakfast and scanning and printing. May alsoscreen. Provides visitors with their firstdinner as well. Can be designed and accommodate a shredder and officeimpression of the organization. Largeserviced in such a way that the areas supplies. lobbies can double as informal meetingcan be used as informal meeting or areas when combined with a coffeeworkspace outside mealtimes.facility. Size: 5 sqm Size: site dependent Size 2.5 sqm per seatRatio: 1 per floor/security zone Ratio: 1 per building/office unit Ratio: 1 per building/office unitPosition: Close to main circulation,Position: Close to elevators, stairsPosition: central, close to entranceaway from open workand meeting roomsareas77