STAGE 4: BUILD MUST-HAVES. NICE-TO-HAVES. During this stage, the new work environment will actuallyProject activitiestake shape. Contractors will be putting up partitions andSelect/tender for contractors to build, supply installing fixtures. Suppliers will deliver new furniture and install everything that is needed; Arrange temporary accommodation for the and equipment. The architect may be making last organization if necessary;minute changes.Manage the implementation/construction The facility management or real estate department willprocess;Conduct acceptance tests for all major all have to prepare extensively at this stage to make suresystems (e.g. HVAC, booking systems, lighting, that the project has a soft landing. They will need to learnWi-Fi, etc.);how to operate any new systems and they must developMake sure that the FM and/or CRE department is well informed and capable of operating procedures for handling possible problems. these systems;Employees will need to prepare for the move as well, bothPlan the moving-in day and organize the move practically and mentally. This can be accomplished byitself (packing, unpacking, etc.). appointing dedicated workplace coordinators or moveChange management activitiesmentors for each team. They can inform employeesAppoint dedicated change managers or about the concept and help them plan practical activitiesmove mentors for each team;such as clearing out filing cabinets, the digitalizationPrepare all levels of the organization for the move and the new way of working in a of paper files and the packing up of remaining officepractical sense (where to go on day one, how items. They can also initiate a discussion about officeto book a meeting room, where to ask for help, etiquette in the new situation, such as the need for rulesetc.);Organize a clearing out of filing cabinets or guidelines concerning issues like noise and clearingto minimize paper and stuff. If necessary, desks before vacating. provide extra resources for digitalization;To give employees a taste of what is coming, it will beOrganize site visits so that people see the physical changes taking place;helpful to organize tours of the construction site and toCreate mock-ups, for example of different create mock-upslife-sized models of a specific sectionkinds of workstations;of the work environment (e.g. a standard workstation orDevelop rules or protocols for the new building, preferably at team level;a quiet room). Develop a short manual (an ABW quick guide) for the new office;Plan a festive opening of the project.DeliverablesA turnkey work environment, ready for occupancy;A script/plan for the move-in and first day of occupancy;A manual on how to use the new work environment.56