Architecture studios are not obvious candidates for activity-based working (ABW). Typically, there is a too much stuff involved in the work process (material samples, sketches, models, photos) for staff to be truly mobile. But for Danish architecture firm LAIKA there was no other option than ABW. As Lene Becker, the firms founder, explains: We are doing a lot of workplace projects and we are always pushing our clients to explore flexible, shared workplace options. It would have been weird not to do that ourselves. We must eat our own dog food, so to speak. Fortunately, we really like the taste of it! This dog food (an apt metaphor since the company is named after the famed Russian astronaut-dog) comes in the shape of an elegantly designed office in an old tobacco plant in Copenhagen. The building is in the citys north-west district, an area that has for long been characterized by social housing and small businesses, but which is now slowly transforming into a creative hotspot. Lene: Our old office was in an historical building in Copenhagens inner city. Very cosy, with lots of small rooms and steep stairs, but we were growing, and we needed more space. Furthermore, I sensed that it was time for a change of scenery. Copenhagens inner city is charming, but perhaps a bit too staid. It was time for something edgier. LAIKAs new office is a combination of raw, industrial elements and highly sophisticated fittings and furnishings, as might be expected from an architecture firm. It is not overly designed however. It comes with a touch of hyggethe famed Danish concept of cosiness. The colour palette is warm, there are comfortable chairs, the lighting is intimate and the (excellent) coffee is served in rustic ceramic mugs. Lene: We aimed for a very welcoming,The neon sign says Space Matters, which is the inviting place. Staff should feel at home. And the same goesslogan under which LAIKA has been working for our clients and other people that we work with. Theyfor over 10 years. The slogan represents the companys core belief that well-designed spaces should feel free to grab an empty desk and work here, sidecan have a large impact on peoples well-being by side with our staff. and behaviour.