Study Phone booth Project roomEnclosed room with multipleEnclosed or semi-enclosed area whereEnclosed room with several workstations, intended for heads-downpeople can go when they have to makeworkstations, combined with work in a group setting. A getaway fromor take a phone call or video call thatcollaborative features such as meeting the chat and interruptions of open workrequires a degree of focus and privacy.tables and whiteboards. Suitable areas.Similar to a library reading roomCan be used as a way of removing noisyfor project work or teamwork that is (phone-free, muted conversations only).activities from open work areas.confidential and/or demands frequent consultation. Size: Dependent on # ofSize: 2 to 4 sqm Size: Dependent on # of workstations Ratio: 1 per 20 to 30 employees workstationsRatio: 1 per 50 or 100 employees Position: Close to openRatio: Dependent on degree of Position: Close to openworkstations project workworkstations or centralized Position: Close to open workstations or deliberately away from them73