The Danish Property agency has just moved into its new activity-based office in the Nexus building in Copenhagen. The project is so new that it is still in its hundred-day freeze period. Michelle Schlippe-Steffensen explains: In the first hundred days after move-in we dont want to make any major changes. Activity-based working is new for us. People have to get used to it. We want to give it some time. In the meantime, employees can send in suggestions for improvement by email or drop them in the ideas box. Michelle: All suggestions will be considered. Practical concerns, like complaints about cleaning or missing toilet paper, are solved straight away. Michelle was project leader for the implementation of the ABW concept and is eager to make it a success. Being a organization, we should be leading in the efficient use of space. We should eat our own medicine, so to say. The other two reasons for ABW were a wish to reduce costs and to improve collaboration. We are now occupying two floors instead of three. This saved us a lot of money. Moreover, it means that we are closer together, which makes it easier to see and meet colleagues.The projects interior is very Scandinavian in its expression. It is open and filled with daylight. The finishes are in white or timber. Michelle notes that some of her colleagues would have liked more colour. The interior is viewed as a bit sterile, but the possibilities for making changes were limited by the fact that we wanted to re-use the furniture from our previous office. In line with the ABW philosophy, the office provides employees with different kinds of work settings: social areas, open workstations, small meeting rooms and quiet areas. Michelle: Interestingly enough, the quiet areas are not very much in demand. We have createdThe buildings ground floor houses a canteen, them because our staff said they would need them. Butcafe and conference centre that are shared by practice shows that people rarely seek total quietness forthe buildings five tenants. (photo: Niels Nygaard)longer periods of time.