Design prototyping OutcomesWhen discussing activity-based working it is easy to Insight into the feasibility of ratios and sizes of get lost in abstract numbers about square metres andthe envisioned work settingssharing ratios. To add meaning to such figures, and to testRecommendationstheir feasibility, it is a good idea to test different design Generate feedback about design prototypes options early in the process. Not by means of detailedthrough focus groups and workshops. Keep design prototypes deliberately design proposals, but with diagrammatic plans anddiagrammatic, focused on functional reference images that visualize how the envisioned workproperties (works like ) and not on the actual environment might look in terms of zoning, room types anddesign (looks like ). If the design team is already on board, densities. This will help to validate assumptions about themake them responsible for developing the need for square metres and it will aid communication withprototypes.employees and decision makers. Pilot projects OutcomesConducting a pilot or pathfinder project is probably the Practical insights for the organization-wide roll-best way for an organization to test out the ABW concept.out of the ABW conceptPilot projects will deliver practical lessons about both theRecommendationsdesign and the implementation of the concept, especially Be aware that the outcomes of a pilot project when an organization is new to ABW. Moreover, a pilotare not always scalable.Set up a proper before and after evaluation of project can be used as a means of communication. It canthe pilot project. be a place that can be visited by employees from other Treat the pilot project as a real project, with a departments to see what ABW is and how it can work. Forsufficiently large budget to realize a realistic and attractive solution. pilot projects to be useful, they should be well researched Use the pilot project as an ABW showroom that and documented. Furthermore, they need to be wellcan be visited by the rest of the organization. Intentionally managed and they require resources if they are to work. blank page48