A way of working. The last defining characteristic of ABW is that it is a way of working, and not just a design concept. Compared to a traditional office setting, an ABW office requires employees to work much more independently, making their own choices about where and with whom they work. Managers for their part are expected to evaluate their staff by looking at their performance rather than just their presence in the office. These behavioural and managerial practices cannot be seen as separate from the physical work environmentthey are at the core ofthe concept.Three dimensionsActivity-based working touches upon the social, physical and technological dimensions of the work environment (often referred to as people, place and technology or bricks, bytes and behaviour). Below isan overview of the key principles for each dimension. SPATIAL DIMENSION DIGITAL DIMENSION SOCIAL DIMENSIONThe building and the spaces itThe technologies needed for mobileThe way staff and management work, provides. working.manage and interact.Diversitydifferent settings forMobile deviceslight, powerful toolsAutonomygreater freedom (and different activities, balancing open andwith long battery lives that can beresponsibility) for employees to decide enclosed spaces. quickly fired up from any location.when and where to work. Free seatingall spaces can be used Collaboration appsapplications thatResults-oriented management by everyone.allow employees to stay in touch in anjudging employees on their easy and intuitive way. performance rather than their presence Availabilityworkspace numbersin the office. should provide staff with real choice.Workplace appsapps that enable employees to find empty workspacesMutual trustas employees are not Ergonomicsall settings should beand to locate their colleagues.necessarily in the direct sight of their usable by everybody.managers, mutual trust is essential. Cloud solutionsInternet-based Zoningdifferent areas for quiet andapplications and filing systemsCourtesy and respectsharing lively activities. that allow employees to work fromworkspaces requires that people are anywhere.more considerate of one anothers Limited storageas few filing cabinetsworkplace needs. as possible, although there should beTop-notch infrastructureall the room for personal items and some teampracticalities: docking stations, powerBeing mobilemoving to different storage. sockets, a robust Wi-Fi network andspaces or locations when the task high-quality screens. requires it.