COLLABORATION SPACES. As the name implies, collaboration spaces are spaces that are explicitly designed for collaboration, such as formal meetings, informal chats, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one conversations, stand-upsand other kinds of interactions. Booth Huddle Stand-up spaceSemi-enclosed space for smallAn open meeting space with anOpen or semi-enclosed space for meetings, collaboration and individualinformal, comfortable feel. It canstand-ups (a specific kind of meeting work. Typically has high-backed seating,function as a congregating point forassociated with scrum/agile working). as in a classic diner booth, that providesteams or departments. Suitable forSuitable for informal discussions and a sense of visual privacy while still beinginformal discussions, relaxation or work,meetings that do not require seating. part of the open space around it. Inshould people so wish.Typically features a large video screen some cases, booths are ceilinged. and/or a writeable scrum board. Size: 5 to 8 sqm Size: 20 to 32 sqm Size: Dependent on team sizeRatio: 1 to 2 per 50 workstations Ratio: 1 per 100 workstations, orRatio: Dependent on number of Position: Close to work and meeting1 per floor scrum/agile teamsareas. Can be part ofPosition: Close to kitchenette orPosition: Close to/inside the work kitchenette/restaurant. other shared facilities thatareas of the people making attract people. use of this space74