To demonstrate how ABW can work in practice, this part of the publication describes several real-life projects. Each project description is based on interviews with people who have been responsible for the implementation process and, in most cases, with some of the users. The cases differ in terms of size, location and type of organization. Given their diversity, it is notable how similar their experiences with ABW have been. In all cases, change management was critical for ABW success, as was the need to engage with users and to address their practical concerns.Ministry of Finance British Colombia (Vancouver, Canada) West Dunbartonshire Council (Dumbarton, Scotland) Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Helsinki, Finland) State Treasury and Patent office (Helsinki, Finland) Public Services and Procurement Canada (Montreal, Canada) Danish Building and Property Agency (Copenhagen, Denmark) Government office De Knoop (Utrecht, the Netherlands) Ofgem (London, United Kingdom) City of Hardenberg (Hardenberg, the Netherlands) LAIKA (Copenhagen, Denmark) Robeco (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) Rabobank (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) Danone (Hoofddorp, the Netherlands)89