In practice, the activity-based concept is often combined with other workplace concepts and design ideas. Below we discuss the most important ones. They are all concepts that can help to strengthen the ABW concept, but they are not by definition part of it.Remote workingRemote working is about working from places other than the office, such as home, co-workspaces or public spaces like cafes. The concept is an obvious companion to ABW because it builds upon the same idea of giving people more freedom to choose when and where to work. Managers often have mixed feelings about remote workingespecially about working from homebut this seems to have changed during the Covid-19 crisis. Their fears of organizational disintegration proved to be unjustified. Nor did productivity figures go down. It is as yet unclear how these matters will play out in the long run, but for now there seems to be a broad acceptance of theRemote working is an obvious companion to concept of working from home. This will have a positiveABW as it builds upon the same idea of giving impact on staff acceptance of ABW, as sharing office spacepeople more control over where and whenmakes more sense if you are not always there.they work.Collaborative spaceMuch of todays office design is geared towards the promotion of collaboration in organizations. Offices are designed as serendipity machines with attractive meeting spaces and strategically located circulation routes that increase the likelihood of people crossing paths. The idea is that chance encounters and creative collisions foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the organization. For the same reason, work areas are often designed as open spaces, allowing for teamwork and a greater awareness of what colleagues are doing. These ideas and ambitions overlap to a large extent with the concept of activity-based working. It is important to stress, however, that the design of ABW offices is not just about promotingThe idea behind the creation of collaborative collaboration. It is just as much about facilitating solo workspaces is that they facilitate the exchange of and concentration.knowledge and ideas in organizations.19