The analysis methods discussed in the earlier section are all very much focused on describing and understanding the as is situation. It is just as important, however, to discuss and investigate the possible to be situation by exploring new ideas and future trends. This part of the analysis is not so much about hard numerical data, but more about soft qualitative data such as ideas, inspiration and ambitions, which are just as important as numbers because they determine the nature of the concept. Leadership workshops OutcomesTo make the ABW concept relevant to an organization and Definition of strategic objectives for the ABW its employees, it must be embedded in a wider narrativeconcept Awareness among leadership about what ABW about organizational change. It is therefore important tois (and what is expected from them)know in which direction the organization is heading and Management buy-into know what the top decision makers aspirations are.RecommendationsWorkshops with leadership can be used to explain what Make sure that the workshop is inspiring, but ABW is and to discuss its relevance for the organization.also honest about possible challenges. Important points for discussion are: strategic aims (what Give managers a clear understanding of their own role in the process (not just as decision do they want to achieve with ABW?); the concepts relationmakers, but also as advocates).to other change projects (e.g. in IT and HR); and the role of Beware of producing outcomes that are too management itself (are they willing to lead by example?). vague or too consensus-driven to be useful. Reference projectsOutcomesVisiting the ABW projects of other organizations is Inspiration, ideas and experiences fromrecommended when looking for new ideas and inspiration. other projectsOther projects provide an excellent opportunity toRecommendationslook and learn. What are the latest design solutions and Gather factual information about reference technological tools that are available? What works andprojects (i.e. floor plans, evaluations, cost figures).what not? What would these organizations have done Make sure to have access to the right people: differently in hindsight? For employees, the additionalnot just the designers or consultants (who are advantage of project visits is that they give them a verylikely to be biased in favour of their own work), but also the buildings facility manager and tangible impression of how ABW offices can look andusers. work in practice, making the concept less abstract and Document the visit so as to be able to less daunting.communicate the lessons learnt to the restof the organization.45