Small meeting room Medium meeting room Large meeting roomAn enclosed meeting room for twoConference room for planned groupConference room for planned group to four persons. Suitable for smallmeetings with larger groups (8-12meetings with larger groups ( 14 meetings and confidential discussions.persons). Should provide wall space forpersons), typically providing some Typically available on a first-come-first- writing, brainstorming or presentations.formality and privacy. Should provide served basis. Can overlap/be combinedIt can be a good idea to create meetingwall space for writing, brainstormingwith focus rooms to create flexibility inrooms with different ambiences foror presentations.use.different kinds of meetings.Size: 6 to 10 sqm Size: 24-30 sqm Size: 48 sqm or moreRatio: 1 per 10-20 workstations Ratio: 1 or 2 per 50 workstations,Ratio: Dependent on frequency Position: Close to openor 1 per floor/securityof large meetingsworkstations zone Position: Centralized, usually Position: Close to office floorgrouped with other entrance and mainfacilities in a conference circulation areas zone75