SUPPORT SPACES Support spaces concern the practical facilities that provide employees with water, food, storage, stationery and other essentials. Because of their practical purpose, support spaces tend to attract people, so they can be used to influence social interaction within an organization. MENUKitchenette Locker space Storage (group/individual)Facility that gives employees easyArea with lockers for the storage ofSpace for the storage of documents or access to water, coffee and tea.personal items. It is often decided toother stuff. Can be either individual or Sometimes it is a full kitchen withgive everyone their own personal locker,group storage. The need for storage is refrigerator and microwave. Ideallyeven though shared lockers are morevery much dependent on the nature of designed as a place that encouragesefficient.peoples work processes and the degree socialization as it is a destination whereof digitalization.people run in to each other. Size: 6 to 15 sqm, depending onSize: 0.5 sqm per locker Size: 1 sqm per person the available facilities Ratio: 1 locker per person or(preferably less)Ratio: 1 per 50 employees, or 1shared lockers (e.g. forRatio: 1 storage point per team/per floor/security zone 60% of employees) groupPosition: Close to work areas, butPosition: Close to entrance of officePosition: Close to workstationsbeware of noise issuesfloor/building, or close to (people chatting, coffeeteam zones/anchorsgrinding)76