Making objectives more specific. The objectives as described here are still very broad. In an actual project, they would need to be more specific to be effective. The objectivesshould ideally be linked to concrete metrics to make them actionableand measurable.OBJECTIVES INDICATORSReducing costs Lease / occupancy costsReducing environmentalCO2 emissions per employeefootprintUse of energy, water and materials per employeeIncreasing productivity Productivity as perceived by staff (survey)Output/input data (e.g. hours worked for particular tasks) Improving employee experience Employee satisfaction levels (survey data)Supporting cultural change Staff perception of culture (survey data)Increasing flexibility Rate of churn (# of people moved/year)Cost of internal movesEnhancing interaction Staff perception of interaction/social cohesion (survey data)Actual interaction data (e.g. from a social network analysis) Attracting and retainingStaff retention rateemployeesImproving health and wellbeing Staff perception of their own health and wellbeing (survey data)Annual number of sick days26