The overall impression is one of dynamism and energy. Nick says: Thats what we aimed for. Earlier, we were spread over two buildings and people hardly knew each other. Here, there is much more interaction. He adds, however, that the building is a bit too crowded at the moment. The building offers lots of work spots, but the number of desks is actually quite limited. There are 260 desks for around 850 people. This shouldnt be a problem as our staff travel a lot and, when they are here, they spend a lot of time in meetings. Even so, there is high demand for desk space. The seats around the atrium have proved to be a One of the reasons for this is that there are more peoplepopular spot for work, informal chats and phone using the building than expected. We did extensivecalls. (photo: Sebastian van Damme)calculations before move-in, but we have just been through a major organizational transformation, says Nick. Some teams got smaller, others bigger, and we need to adapt to that. The other issue is that the building has proved to be very popular among Danone staff from other locations. We have state-of-the-art facilities, and we are only one train stop away from the airport. This makes this building a popular destination. Every day, we have around 70 people from other locations working here. That is a good thing,but it adds to a sense of crowding. To deal with this, Nick and his colleagues are planning to fine-tune the concept. They will start with an extensive post-occupancy evaluation (POE) to get a better idea of the staffs workplace experience. Nick: We have been here for several months now, so it is a good time to evaluate. We will do a staff survey and we will take a close look at our occupancy data. The occupancy data come from the buildings advanced occupancy measurement system. Each desk is equipped with a sensor that glows red when occupied. It glows green when the desk has been empty for more than 50 minutes. All the meetingThe wide staircase on the ground floor can be rooms are equipped with sensors as well. Nick: We haveused as seating for large events involving the already noticed that our desks have high occupancy levels,whole company. (photo: Stijn Poelstra)while the meeting rooms are underutilized, so there are opportunities for optimization.Nick also plans to put additional effort into the behavioural side of the workplace concept. We had a year to prepare staff for the move to this new building. During that time, we did some really great stuff to promote a new way of working. But new people are constantly coming into the organization and we have to make sure that everybody is on board. My work as HR Site manager has only just begun.140