Michelle: The soft seating is right next to the workstations, so people probably feel too exposed there. We are going to add bookshelves as a way of shielding. Otherwise, all spaces are well used. The standard workstations and the small meeting rooms in particular are popular. Michelle: It can be a bit hectic around eight in the morning, when everyone comes in and seeks a workstation. But once people are in, many have to attend meetings, and things get quieter. The project has not been formally evaluated yet, butThe office floors are open towards the atrium. Michelle observed that there are differences betweenThanks to high levels of sound absorption, this functions. For our administrative workers, who mostly doproduces a light background buzz. (photo: Niels desk work, the change seems to be the hardest. In contrast,Nygaard)our project managers quickly took to the concept, as they were already used to mobile working. For Michelle, the projects most important lesson is to pay attention to change management. Ideally, the chiefs are the ones who promote the concept and lead by example. But some of them find that difficult. I would have liked to have more time to prepare them for this role, but it is was a very rushed project with a timeline of only six months.Soon, the hundred-day freeze period will be over. That will be the moment to evaluate the concept and see where it can be improved, in terms of both design and implementation. Ultimately, the ambition is to inspire all ministries and government agencies with this office. Michelle: Many departments view the concept as radical, but we have already inspired organizations around Denmark to consider ABW. She adds, In this building, we are the only ones who went for full ABW. The other four tenants thought it was safer to go for open-plan offices. It is a decision that puzzles Michelle. I think that choice is to beOne of the floors has a small library that can also preferred over a personal desk, especially when that desk isbe used as an informal meeting spot. (photo: placed in a noisy open-plan office. Niels Nygaard)Q&ATania Lorich, FM innovation, communication and UX manager,Center for Facility ManagementWhat do you like best about this new way of working?How often do you change places in the office? More interaction with colleagues outside of my team.I change desk daily, but usually sit in the same two areas. And the possibility to choose from different kind of workWhen I arrive at the office, I just sit at whatever desk is spaces, with sofas, phone booths and flex rooms. still free. What aspect could be improved?What is your favourite workspace within the office? More scope for conversational activities. My team usedA specific so-called focus area, with two screens, close to have work-related discussions at their office desks,to a window and with a mix of colleagues.which now disturbs the other colleagues.