Niek: An unconventional, yet intentional solution in terms of acoustics. He adds: You catch two birds with one stone: dividing the open work floor into smaller units while maintaining transparency.Initial measurements and reactions from employees show that the acoustic comfort has improved considerably. Niek: Our measurements have shown that the transmission of noise along the external wall and throughout the space has been greatly reduced, and the same is true for the distraction distance. In laymens terms this simply meansThe buildings ground floor locates all the public a quieter work environment, with fewer distractions andand semi-public functions such as the counters improved concentrationwhich will surely contribute to awhere people can pick up their passport or better workplace experience for the staff working here. driving license. (photo: Royal HaskoningDHV) The building has a circular floorplan with an inward inclining faade. This facilitates the propagation of sound. The solve this issue, additional panels have been placed against the faade. (photo: Royal HaskoningDHV)0 200 20mThe buildings floors have a circular shape. This leads to a favourable ratio between floor space and faade surface, which helps to reduce heat loss. It also leads to shorter walking distances (when compared to a traditional corridor type of floorplan), which allows for easy interaction within the organization.