HOW TO DEVELOP A CONCEPT? HOW TO MAKE IT A SUCCESS? Before deciding to adopt ABW, it is important to makeImplementing an ABW concept can be challenging. Like a systematic analysis of the organizations needs andany major organizational change, it is likely to meet with a aspirations. The purpose of such an analysis is to assesshealthy dose of resistance. So when implementing ABW, the organizations readiness for ABW and to gather datamake sure to do it properly. The most important factors for and insights for the development of the concept.success are as follows: Analysis activities Analysis Gather data on work processes and space usage in order to Understanding the existing situation be able to make informed decisions; Document analysisLook at numerical data, but also at the stories behind theWalk-through numbers; Workplace surveyBe aware of the latest insights from workplace research; Spatial analysisLink the ABW concept to strategic organizationalOccupancy measurements objectives; Stakeholder interviewsVisit other projects to gather inspiration and to benefit fromSocial network analysis the lessons learnt; Look at ABW as part of a bigger narrative about employee Exploring new possibilities empowerment and flexibilization; Leadership workshopsInvolve employees in the analysis process to createVisits to reference projects awareness and engagement. Staff workshops Scenario studies Process Allow enough time for preparing the organization for ABW Validating new ideas and for getting used to it after move-in; Focus groupsBring in dedicated expertise on change management; Persona method Take a multidisciplinary approach; involve FM, HR and IT inDesign prototyping the process; Pilot projectsMake sure that the organizations leadership demonstrates ownership and leads by example; HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT?Involve employees, but be specific about the matters on The implementation process starts with the formulation ofwhich employee input is sought;a broad vision, which is then translated, step-by-step, into Take employees input seriously, otherwise their concrete solutions. The process should be a combinationinvolvement will backfire;of project management and change management Communicate clearly and repeatedly what ABW is and why activities. The change management activities areit is being implemented;essential for creating acceptance and ownershipDont try to please everybody but take peoples concerns among employees. seriously; Provide extra training and support for middle management Process stages as they are the ones who have to make ABW work inStage 1 EnvisionAnalyse the organization and develop aneveryday office life. inspiring vision for the work environment; Stage 2 DefineTranslate the vision into specificDesignworkplace requirements;Provide employees with real choice from a diversity ofStage 3 DesignCreate design solutions for the spatialsettings;and technical environment;Dont compromise on quality, thereby removing the need toStage 4 BuildConstruct the new environment andcompete for the best workplaces;prepare the organization for the move; Facilitate focus work by creating excellent acoustics andStage 5 Settle in Support people in their new way ofprovide plenty of quiet spaces;working and solve any teething problems;Create a human scale; avoid large, open-plan work areas; Stage 6 ManageMake the work concept stick; adjust Create a welcoming office where people feel they belong, and improve where necessary. despite not having a personal desk; Make sure the IT infrastructure and technologies are top notch as they are crucial enablers of mobility in the office;Use design features to signal that the new office is different from a traditional office but avoid arbitrary design gimmicks.5