MUST-HAVES STAGE 5: NICE-TO-HAVES. SETTLE IN. This stage starts when the new environment has beenProject activitiescompleted and the organization has moved in. It is nowCreate a central point (mailbox/help desk/that the concept must really come to life. This will notideas box) for complaints and suggestions;Rapidly resolve reported practical problems happen automatically. Both managers and employees are(e.g. fine-tuning HVAC system);likely to need time and support to familiarize themselvesProject team hands the project over to the FM/with their new surroundings and to develop new routines.CRE department;Plan and organize a formal evaluation of It will be important to have an ongoing conversationthe project (no earlier than six months after about the operation of the concept in the first weeks aftermove-in). moving in. It is preferable that managers play a leadingChange management activitiesrole in this, setting a good example themselves andVisit all departments and teams to see how prepared to correct peoples behaviour if it is not in linepeople are dealing with their new way of with the concept. working, providing extra guidance and help where needed; It is important to be aware that this stage is likely to beWhere necessary, address incorrect use of accompanied by all sorts of practical problems. The HVACthe environment (e.g. people claiming focus system may need fine-tuning, printers may not yet workrooms as their own).properly; there may be a delay in furniture deliveries. SuchDeliverablespractical problems can reflect badly on the overall concept.Project dossier with all relevant To counteract this, there needs to be a central point wheredocumentation (warranties, specifications, employees can report any problems and these need to bemanuals);Protocol for reporting, resolving and providing dealt with expeditiously. feedback on any practical problems that arise;This stage should end with a thorough evaluation of theEvaluation of the concept.project, but not before people have been given some time to get used it. Six months after move-in is usually a good point in time. The evaluation can consist of a survey and/or staff interviews. The idea is to find out where there is a need for improving or fine-tuning the concept. 57