As in any project, there have also been some grumbles. Nicola explains that the change of location raised a lot of concern. Some of the staff were very much against the move to Canary Wharf. They even threatened to quit their job. But that didnt happen. Nicola: The move went hand-in-hand with the implementation of the smart working concept. Some of the people that were very much against the move, are now very happy because the smart working concept helps them to manage their busy work and family lives. She concludes: So, the move is quite a success. Even for those that were against it.A Meet & Greet bench that is part of the shared conference area, suitable for informal gatherings before and after meetings (photo: Hufton+Crow)2200 18012008000 20The floors open work areas feature large workbenches, often with room0 20mfor eight persons. In the middle of the floor, there are enclosed rooms for quiet work and small meetings. The circular space in the top left corner is completely flexible and can be used for workshops, presentations and town hall sessions.