RESTAURANT Facility where employeescan go for lunch and in somecases breakfast and dinneras well. Can be designed andserviced in such a way that theareas can be used as informalmeeting or workspace outsidemealtimes. All-hands meetings Brief collaboration Generic computer work Getting coffee or a snack Hanging out/taking a break Having lunch Impromptu conversations 1 (in larger buildings, therestaurant facility may beshared with other tenants) Dependent on number ofoccupants and food service.Typically, 2.5 m2 per seat.Should also be big enough forall-hands group meetings. Dependent on sizeorganization and location (i.e.presence of nearby eateries) Should be different fromthe workspaces: moreinformal, quietly buzzing andcomfortable Social zone300 lux2280 % 3000 K - 4000 K n/a Not required Required0.9 s40 dB35 dBENTRANCE/LOBBY Entrance area with seating for visitors and reception deskand/or reception screen.Provides visitors with theirfirst impression of theorganization. Large lobbiescan double as informalmeeting areas when combinedwith a coffee facility. Visitor reception/registration Waiting Taking phone calls(receptionist) Handing out security passes(receptionist) 1 per office unit or building Dependent on requiredcapacity Dependent on size location.Think of receptionist/host(s)plus waiting visitors Welcoming, understatedrefinement Social zone300 lux2280 % 3000 K - 4000 K n/a n/a Not required1 s40 dB35 dBPRINT/COPY SPACE Enclosed space containinga multifunctional machinefor copying, scanningand printing. May alsoaccommodate a shredder andoffice supplies. Paper-based work (printing/ scanning/shredding) Storing office supplies 1 per floor/security zone5 m2 3 persons (standing) Functional Social zone300 lux2280 % 3000 K - 4000 K n/a n/a Not required1 s45 dB40 dBSTORAGE SPACE LOCKER SPACE Space for the storage ofArea with lockers for thestorage of personal items.documents or other stuff. Canbe either individual or groupOrganizations often decidestorage. The need for storageto give everyone their ownpersonal locker, even thoughis very much dependent onthe nature of peoples workshared lockers are moreprocesses and the degree ofefficient digitalization. Storing team items 1 storage point per team/group 1 per floor/security zone 0.5 m2 per locker 1 m2 per person, preferablyless (depending on degree ofdigitalization) n/a n/a Functional Functional Social zone Interactive zone300 lux300 lux22 n/a80 % n/a 3000 K - 4000 K n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Not required Not required1 s n/a n/a45 dB n/a40 dBStoring personal items Getting coffee or a snack Hanging out/taking a break Impromptu conversations RecyclingKITCHENETTE Facility that gives employeeseasy access to water, coffeeand tea. Sometimes it is a fullkitchen with refrigerator andmicrowave. Ideally designedas a place that encouragessocialization as it is adestination where people runin to each other. 1 per 50 employees, or 1 perfloor/security zone6 m2 4 persons (standing) Relaxing, inviting Social zone500 lux2280 % 3000 K - 4000 K n/a n/a Not required1 s50 dB45 dBSUPPORT SPACES Activities to be facilitated Standard properties Quantity Usable floor area Capacity Ambiance Activity zone Visual comfort Illuminance Unified Glare Rating (UGR) Colour rendering Light colour temperature Daylight factor Solar shading Outside View Acoustic comfort Reverberation time (T30) Background noise (LA eq) Noise from MEP (LA eq)