In the coming period, Sjoerd and his colleagues will take a closer look at how this can be done. We are looking very carefully at the evaluation outcomes because we want our staff to be happy with their working environment. As in any other organization, our success is dependent on the people working here. There are many different reasons why people work here but the flexibility on offer is especially highly valued. He adds that he himself works one day a week from home. Its great. I have small kids and it allows me to eat lunch with them. However, one day a week is enough for him: I dont want to be disconnected from my team, and we shouldnt forget that, as the whole idea of this office is to increase collaboration and facilitate a good working culture.The architects have subtly integrated the many staff lockers into the design. (photo: Horizon Photoworks)0 200 20mThe office floors measure 33 by 82 metres, what is unusually large by Dutch standards. To bring daylight into these spaces, the architects created a large atrium in the middle and several small ones along the facade. Open staircases have been used to connect the floors.