Take a wide perspective. When carrying out an analysis of the organization, take a wide perspective. Look at the physical work environment, but also at working hours, work-from-home policies, employee autonomy and management practices. Making ABW part of a bigger story about flexibility and employee empowerment will increase the chances of success. Make the analysis part of change managementActively involving employees in the analysis activities is an excellent way of starting the change management process. It is an opportunity for employees to look at their own work environment from a fresh and critical perspective and to create an awareness of both its strengths and weaknesses.Q&ANicola Gillen, Head of Total Workplace EMEA at Cushman & WakefieldIs ABW for everyone? What kind data do you need as input for the design/The world of work is changing for everyone. Thedevelopment of the concept?drivers that impact mobility, a key principle of ABW, areA balance of data points is key; opinion based to engage impacting work everywhere. Having the choice overpeople in the process, observation based, to challenge where and how to work is for everyone. Having a varietypreconceived perceptions of space use and behaviour of spaces from which to work, inside and outside thebased to appropriately reflect culture. office is also for everyone. Very few roles remain tied to specific tech solutions and these will continue toWhat do you consider as the most important success diminish. factors for an ABW project?Led from the top;Where do you start when any client is interested in ABW? Clear visionunderstand why we are doing this;I ask them why? Any sustainable workplace solutionRouted in holistic business neednot just cost ;needs to be based in genuine business need. ThereData driven;needs to be a clear vision as to why this is happeningBuilt upon change managementyour people will and how it will benefit their business. ABW driven fromalways matter most.purely from financial metrics will be difficult to sustain, people and technology enablement are key.82