Recap of 2021

First of all a happy new year on behalf of the BriefBuilder team!

At this start of the new year, we would like to give you a recap of the most important new features that we added to BriefBuilder in 2021.

🔖 Classification

This is a truly classy feature that allows you to add classifications to objects—be it Uniclass, CCS, SfB, or another classification system. You can import classifications and make them available as picklists. Learn more

📃 Requirement text module

Model-based requirements are not always possible. Especially in the civil engineering and energy sector, requirement texts still dominate. We have now created a dedicated module for text-based requirements. Learn more

🌉 Infrastructure objects

We have added several dedicated infrastructure objects to BriefBuilder: connection (e.g. road), segment (e.g. tunnel segment) and civil structure (e.g. pump station). Learn more

🔗 Referencing

When working in BriefBuilder, you may want to refer to other objects or requirements in your model. To make such references smarter, we have added a feature that turns references into clickable links. Learn more

🔄 Request for change (RFC)

Our new RFC functionality allows you to systematically create, log and assess change requests from project participants. It is a great feature that helps you to avoid scope creep. Learn more

👩‍🏫BriefBuilder Fundamentals course.

Last but not least, 2021 was the year in which we launched our BriefBuilder Fundamentals course. A one-day course that explains it all. Learn more about our 1-day course

Well, that was for 2021. For 2022, we are already working on loads of new features!