Stay in control of the quality of your project

Manage requirements of different stakeholders in a single model

Avoid scope creep and rework

Reduce risk and improve compliance

Facilitate online dialogue and requests for changes

Integrate requirements into BIM and VDC processes

Better specs. Better projects.

Any infrastructure project—be it a tunnel, wind turbine park, or bicycle path—should start with a clear scope definition. Use BriefBuilder to define the project’s purpose, specs and design parameters.

Manage complexity

To manage complexity, break the project down into smaller parts—distinguishing between different kinds of segments, systems, processes—and identify the critical interfaces between these. 

Digitalize the
tender process

Say goodbye to voluminous specification documents. Give tenderers access to an online model in which they can easily review requirements, make comments and add RFCs where relevant. 

Stay on top of your contract

In Design & Build projects and other kinds of integrated tenders, contract management is key. With BriefBuilder you can find, review and update requirements in a matter of seconds.

Manage compliance

Plan, organize and control verification activities. Our verification dashboard helps you to monitor progress and to keep a close eye on the overall rate of compliance.

Standardize requirements

Requirements for generic infrastructure objects (e.g. asphalt layers, concrete piling or street lighting) can easily be standardized and then (re)used for new project briefs.