Health Care

Create high-performance project briefs

Avoid inconsistencies and errors in your program of requirements

Streamline briefing and design/engineering workflows

Manage change with our RFC feature

Create standardized requirements to ensure consistency across projects

Integrate client requirements into BIM and VDC processes

Manage complexity

Health care projects have to comply with a multitude of requirements. BriefBuilder helps you with this. The usual stacks of Excel sheets are replaced by a powerful online requirements model.

Define your scope

Give project participants a firm understanding of the project’s scope by creating work breakdown structures that clearly explain what must be designed and delivered.

Get a grip on critical details

Create room data sheets with explicit requirements for crucial matters such as hygiene, indoor climate and security, with clear units of measure and definitions.

Deal with medical equipment

Medical equipment is a critical issue in health care projects. Our dedicated equipment module helps you to keep track of their placement and specifications.

Visualize adjacencies

Visualize logistical requirements—e.g. relating to the flow of patients, visitors, staff and sterile and non-sterile goods—by means of automatically generated adjacency diagrams.

Standardize requirements

There is never a shortage of projects in health care organizations. Use BriefBuilder to create standardized, reusable requirement templates that ensure consistency across projects.

Erasmus University Medical Center (Rotterdam, NL)

Jan Jaap Zijl, Information manager

We have used BriefBuilder to create standardized requirement templates for all relevant room types—patient rooms, waiting areas, etc etc—which we can easily re-use and adapt for specific projects—be it small renovations or entirely new floors or buildings.