Give architects, engineers and suppliers clear instructions about what they need to deliver

Avoid incomplete or inaccurate requirements

Leave no room for surprises or errors concerning building performance

Ensure compliance with a single source for requirements and verifications

Systematically manage all requirements related to your lab equipment

Facilitate extensive quality control/peer review

Advanced requirements management

Pharma and life science projects are way too complex to be managed with Word or Excel. Use BriefBuilder for advanced requirements management, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Maintain overview

Keep control over your project’s scope by defining exactly what you need—be it clean rooms, GMO labs, staff offices, or hazardous materials storage.

Get the details right

Lab requirements are typically numerous, covering subjects like air pressure, vibration levels, and more. Organize them systematically and get the details right. 

Keep track of lab equipment

With our dedicated equipment module, you can keep track of all your types of lab equipment, their placement and their specifications.

Manage compliance

Manage compliance by defining verifications in BriefBuilder. Use the verification dashboard to track progress and the overall compliance rate.

Reuse requirements

Reuse requirements for new projects with ease, reducing specification time and ensuring consistency across projects.

Delft University of Technology

Barry van Sloten, Real Estate Development Director

Lab projects come with loads and loads of requirements. BriefBuilder helps us to capture, organize, analyse and communicate all these requirements in a very systematic way—keeping the chaos at bay, so to speak 🙂