Formulate unambiguous requirements for learning environments

Make sure that your program of requirements is clear, consistent and complete

Distinguish clearly between ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’

Integrate requirements into the design process

Reduce rework and failure costs by means of more exact requirements

Manage your requirements in both traditional and Design & Build tender procedures

From kindergartens
to campuses

BriefBuilder is widely used to develop programmes of requirements for educational facilities, ranging from entire university campuses and school buildings to playgrounds and kindergartens.

Rightsize your
project’s scope

Keep control over your project’s scope by defining exactly what you need—be it teaching spaces, admin offices, storage spaces or outdoor spaces like playgrounds and sports fields.

Define optimal conditions for learning

Learning processes come with requirements concerning acoustics, air quality, ICT, lighting levels and much more. Capture and manage all these requirements in a single model.

bubble diagrams

Visualize logistics (e.g. walking distances) and functional adjacencies between spaces (e.g. links between classrooms and social spaces) by means of automatically generated bubble diagrams.

Streamline the
briefing process

Keep it simple. Capture all requirements in a single online model and avoid the inefficiency and confusion that comes from working with numerous, poorly written specification documents.

Create templates for new projects

Save on the time needed for the development of new project briefs by embedding knowledge in reusable templates.

Lucas Education

Saskia Tan, project leader

We are responsible for a lot of schools, and thus a lot of school projects. We have used BriefBuilder to create a standardized, easily re-usable set of requirements for educational facilities. It means that we do not have to reinvent the wheel every time we embark on a new project.