Define explicit requirements regarding housing quality

Create reusable templates to speed up new projects

Integrate your requirements in BIM and VDC applications

Systematically verify whether projects are built to the requested quality

Collaborate and communicate online with all stakeholders

Make sure that housing solutions meet the needs of future occupants

Create clear project briefs

Formulate high-performance briefs/programs of requirements for any residential project—be it social housing, student housing or upmarket apartments.

Define the spaces and functions you need

Define exactly what functions need to be realized, both indoors (i.e. living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens) and outdoors (e.g. balconies, gardens).

Get a grip on housing quality

Formulate explicit requirements for critical quality aspects such as indoor climate, home safety, accessibility and sustainability.

Easily create room
data sheets

Create room data sheets that clearly communicate what kind of fixtures, fittings and finishes are required for each room.

Create verification / test plans

Systematically check whether design solutions meet the agreed set of requirements and thereby reduce defect rates and re-work.

Create requirement templates

Standardize requirements, cutting down on development time and ensuring consistency in quality across projects.