Industry & Logistics

Create one source of truth for all project requirements

Define requirements that are clear, complete & consistent

Avoid risks, errors, and ambiguities in your project brief

Manage requirements and verifications in a structured and efficient way

Stay in control of changes, change requests and versions

Centrally and uniformly manage requirements across projects

Turn requirements into successful projects

Industrial facilities—e.g. manufacturing plants, distribution centers and storage facilities—are heavy on requirements. Use BriefBuilder to manage these requirements and deliver high-performance projects. 

Establish a solid base for your project

Develop clear requirement sets for project participants—i.e. mechanical, electrical and construction engineers, architects, contractors, suppliers. 

Reduce delivery risks

Make sure that every single component of your mission-critical facility lives up to your needs and requirements.

Increase verification certainity

Manage compliance by defining verifications. Use the verification dashboard to track progress and the overall compliance rate.

Apply model-based commissioning

Model your project’s Cx activities for every project phase and link them to the relevant technical systems.

Standardize and modularize projects

Develop standardized and modularized systems, spaces and elements to ensure consistency across projects.