Requirements Management for Construction Projects

Define, analyse, verify and manage
all your project requirements in one place

Define requirements

clearly & precisely

Create high-performance project briefs and programmes of requirements. Make sure that requirements are clear, complete and actionable.

Analyse requirements

& identify risks

Analyse requirements to get an in-depth understanding of the project.
Flag requirements that are ambiguous or that represent risks.

Link requirements

to BIM models

Use our XML and JSON export functions to integrate requirements into BIM and VDC applications and to provide input for automated verifications and/or generative design processes.

Systematically verify


Check whether designed and built solutions are compliant with the client’s requirements. Create verification plans, commissioning plans and compliance matrices.

Manage change

Avoid scope creep by controlling and tracking changes to requirements. Clearly communicate changes between different versions.

Develop requirement


Do not reinvent the wheel every time you embark on a new project. Develop standard requirements for specific project types and speed up the specification process.

For construction clients

Be crystal clear about what you want from a project

Provide clarity about your needs, ambitions and expectations

Scope control

Avoid scope creep and budget overruns by controlling change


Reduce the time needed for developing and verifying requirements

For engineering teams & contractors

Deliver what the client asks for

Achieve compliance by planning and executing systematic verifications

Cost control

Reduce rework by getting a clear understanding of the project’s requirements

Risk reduction

Identify requirements that represent a risk to the feasibility of the project

Plans and pricing

Unlimited users for every plan.
  • Project
  • 495 per model / month
  • Unlimited users

    1 project model


    For one-off construction projects where you need full control over your requirements. E.g. a hospital building, a bridge or a school building.

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  • Company-10
  • 179 model / month
  • Unlimited users

    minimum of 10 project models


    For professional users who plan to run multiple projects in BriefBuilder and want to make active use of requirement libraries and templates.

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  • Company-25
  • 152 model / month
  • Unlimited users

    minimum of 25 project models


    For mid-sized organizations who are frequent users of BriefBuilder and aim to standardize their requirements management processes.

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  • Company-75
  • 127 model / month
  • Unlimited users

    minimum of 75 project models


    For large construction clients, engineering/design companies and contractors who want to integrate BriefBuilder in the workflows of all their projects.

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