Make sure work environments are productive and efficient

Integrate workplace requirements into BIM models

Use our free template, with specs concerning sizes, quantities and indoor climate

Track design solutions back to requirements

Reuse validated requirements to replicate features across projects

Systematically verify whether design proposals meet user requirements

Create powerful design briefs

Office projects come with lots of requirements, e.g. concerning acoustics, ergonomics and sustainability. Capture all these with BriefBuilder and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Define what you need

Create a productive work environment by defining exactly what kind of spaces, systems and functions office users need to support their business processes.

Say goodbye to voluminous documents

Use our online model as a ‘single source of truth’ for all the project’s requirements instead of the usual stack of Word documents and Excel sheets.

Generate adjacency diagrams

Automatically generate ‘bubble diagrams’ to visualize how functions should be positioned to create the most efficient and productive flow through the office.

Manage change

Reduce scope creep in your project by using our RFC feature to request, approve and implement changes to requirements in a streamlined manner.

Use our free workplace template

To give you a head start, we have created a standardized workplace requirements template. Use it to create project-specific briefs with ease and speed.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Kjersti Bjørkeng Størdal, Market Area Manager

BriefBuilder enables us to be very exact about the workplace quality and user experience we want to achieve in our projects. We use it to capture strategic ambitions, for example concerning sustainability, but also for the nitty-gritty stuff such as specifications for power outlets and workstation ergonomics.