About us

Why we do this.

We know about the challenges of writing and managing requirements in complex projects. For years, we have done this ourselves and we realized that the traditional way of working (with voluminous reports, complex excel sheets, endless email threads) is error-prone and inefficient.

That is why we have created BriefBuilder: the construction industry’s most powerful tool for requirements management.

Who we are.

We are multidisciplinary team of construction professionals and software developers. We like to believe that we are experts in our field. We have strong ties to both academia and practice, and we frequently lecture and write about our work.

The starting point for our activities is our office in the Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where all development takes place under the same roof. Our market and support services are international, however, with BriefBuilder being available in multiple languages.

Our ambitions.

We expect that parametric and generative design process are going to transform the AEC industry. We want to be part of this change, using BriefBuilder as the tool that can fuel these processes with parametric requirements.

Furthermore, we plan to expand our market reach to infrastructure projects as these face the same challenges as building projects. Watch our website for the release of dedicated infrastructure features in the coming year.