New feature: interface relations

Interface matrix

Construction projects are made up of many kinds of systems (access systems, lighting systems, climate control systems, etc), which need to work closely together for the project to be successful. That sounds obvious, but in practice much effort is spent on designing individual systems, while neglecting their interrelations.

That is why we have introduced a new relation in BriefBuilder that allows you to define interfaces in an easy and systematic way. In a building project, you may want to use this relation to e.g. define the desired interface between the building’s management system (BMS) and its climate system. Likewise, for a road project, you may want to specify the link between the road’s signage system and a traffic management system.

The defined interfaces can be visualized as diagrams and matrices, which give project participants a clear and visual overview of what needs to be designed, managed and tested. Interfaces can be linked to verification plans, verification outcomes, RFCs, and other kinds of information such as stakeholders.