Collab with BIMlink

The Dutch company BIMlink has developed a connection between BriefBuilder and BIMlink’s platform for the management of building information. By means of this connection, information from the construction client’s brief/program of requirements (as captured in BriefBuilder) can easily be integrated in the building’s central, online data file and the 3D-model.

This is an important addition to the BIMlink platform because the construction client’s requirements form the basis for the entire project. By integrating these data into BIMlink’s online building file you can quickly check the construction client’s needs and wishes concerning the building. This is highly useful information for when wanting to check the building’s compliance with these requirements during the various phases of a project.

By clicking on an object in the BIMlink platform, you get to see both design data and requirements data. The link between the platform and BriefBuilder is established via an API, which means that the BIMlink platform always shows the latest requirements information, keeping the entire project team up-to-date of the construction client’s needs and wishes.

More information can be found at BIMlink’s website.

They also made a nice video about it : – ) (in Dutch)