Collab with BIM-Connected

The Dutch company BIM-Connected has developed a platform called BIM-Bridge that can be used to exchange and compare building data between different software applications, on the basis of IFC models.

The platform has a dedicated module for BriefBuilder data. This module can be used to compare and verify requirements concerning the following aspects:

  • Quantities of spaces
  • Sizes of spaces
  • The placement of fittings, fixtures and furniture in spaces
  • Other kinds of spatial properties (e.g. minimum floor-to-ceiling heights or security zoning)

There are many more possibilities, however. It all depends on what kind of information is captured in the BriefBuilder model and the IFC model. The more these are alike (i.e. using the same IFC properties), the more possibilities there are.

More information about BIM-Bridge will soon be available from their website (work-in-progress, currently only available in Dutch)