๐Ÿš€ Integration with BRICSYS 24/7.

We have just released an integration with Bricsysยฎ 24/7, a cloud-based common data environment for document management and workflow automation.

The integration allows project teams to link project documentation in Bricsys 24/7 to requirements and verifications in #BriefBuilder. Think of test reports, design proposals, permits, control reports and so on. Thereby, design and engineering teams and contractors can easier check and demonstrate compliance with the construction clientโ€™s requirements.

Jens Akkermans, Bricsys 24/7โ€™s director, says: โ€œBricsys 24/7 and Briefbuilder complement each other perfectly. Our customers can now link their requirements in BriefBuilder with the evidence on Bricsys 24/7, knowing that the documentation has been verified, approved and is fully auditable.โ€

Gijben Hornes, BriefBuilderโ€™s CEO adds โ€œIn many projects, both BriefBuilder and Bricsys are being used. Two highly professional solutions, now seamlessly working together. Excellent news.โ€

Bricsysยฎ is part of Hexagon, the global technology company that creates the BricsCAD family of computer aided design (CAD) products and the Bricsys 24/7 project collaboration platform.