Welcome to LOGO InfraConsult GmbH

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with LOGO InfraConsult, from Germany. LOGO is a leading German consulting and engineering company with a strong track record in airport development, corporate real estate and university real estate. They manage construction complex projects and have a speciality focus on requirements management. LOGO has offices in both Berlin and Frankfurt and operates throughout Germany.

With BriefBuilder, LOGO will further expand its expertise and capabilities with regard to requirements management. Think of the development of model-based project briefs, advanced compliance management and quality control, BIM integrations between briefing and design, and the development of standardized requirement libraries for professional construction clients.

LOGO’s team consists of civil engineers, architects and industrial engineers—the majority of them now BriefBuilder certified 👌👌

We are confident that, together, we can expand the possibilities of implementing BriefBuilder in the AEC sector in Germany. Very much looking forward to doing challenging and cool projects together!

More info about LOGO can be found on their website: https://www.logo-infraconsult.de/en/